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Club-Mate is Fueling StartupBus

Club-Mate is Fighting The Sleep Witch on StartupBus

This guest post from DropZone developer Alex Flores was written under the influence of Club-Mate.

Every once in a while, you get that intrusive restless feeling: “What’s next? Should I have taken that job? Do I need more excitement in my life?” Left unchecked these thoughts echo, carelessly smashing around inside your mind. When it gets to this point, I like to do something crazy like jump out of an airplane or enter the woods for a few days with nothing but an ax and a lighter.

This time when the feeling hit, I went with something a little different. I went with StartupBus, where you pitch an idea, assemble a team, and get on a bus for a cross country trip. The goal is to use the trip to turn your idea into a real company and pitch it to real investors at the bus’s final destination: Boulder Colorado Startup Week. Startup buses depart from all over the US, Canada and Mexico.

I’m actually typing this on a moving bus headed from New York to Boulder, CO, fighting the motion sickness, chugging Club-Mates in order to stave off the bony fingers of the Sleep Witch. I’ll sleep when I’m dead or we win. The journey isn’t over yet.

Each bus is given a theme. New York’s theme this year was Press and Media. When you get on the bus, you get to vote for which idea you work on, and I chose a pitch, given by Brandon, that involved creating a decentralized, peer-to-peer communication platform that resembled BitCoin’s communication model. I thought it was brilliant.

Soon after the votes were counted, I met my other two teammates, Daniel and Luke along with Brandon. Daniel was the fast-taking deal maker and idea man. Every company needs a Daniel. Luke was the passionate, self-taught dev looking to use his knowledge to make a dent in an industry that still seemed too inaccessible to the general population. Brandon was our Jony Ives, and brought a killer design aesthetic.

The app we’re creating is called DropZone. It’s a discovery platform where an individual can leverage end-to-end encryption and anonymity in order to share information with journalists. In this post-Snowden era, people are starting to see that a single person can make a difference. By coming out publicly, Snowden has inspired others to come forward. For those that wish to stay anonymous but are concerned with responsible disclosure and repercussions, we made DropZone for them.

Here at DropZone, we have hope for a future in which fear is not a barrier to the liberation of truth.

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Club Mate on Eater

Club-Mate on

“…everything about Club-Mate is surprisingly adult. Each bottle has a substantial 20 milligrams of caffeine per 150 milliliters, but low sugar and caloric content when compared to other non-diet sodas on the market. The flavor profile is in a category by itself as well, attacking the taste buds with a flavor roughly akin to a bubbly, slightly fermented, unsweetened tea.”

Read the full feature at

Club-Mate USA / Depop Closet Sale Flyer

Club-Mate USA x @depopmarket Closet Sale

We are sponsoring this event w/ Nylon and others on Saturday–come grip a Club-Mate at our table, and shop the closets of some fashion Djangos and Djangas.

Free #clubmate for anyone who wears a spot on #django hat. 5 gallon django hats only. Seriously, it has to look like you walked off the set of The Holy Mountain, no fedoras or any other generic wide brimmed hats.

Also, there will be puppies!

Come and shop the closets of your favorites fashion bloggers like The Blonde SaladSong of StyleLe HappyOne Dapper StreetJust Another Blog, , Steven OnojaDenny BalmacedaI Hate BlondeMiss AlissaAmy MariettaRetroflame and more, this upcoming Saturday, April 25th from 12:00PM-5:00PM @ ROOT Studios Chelsea (442 W 18th St. New York, NY 10011).

Club Mate @ SXSW 2015

Club-Mate @ SXSW 2015

Buckle up SXSW party people! Walk into any of these Austin stores and pick up a Club-Mate. YEE-HAW!! Check out the store locator on our homepage for details.

For on the ground case+ orders, contact [email protected] and we will put you in touch with the mate king of Austin.

Mateheads: please do not buy whole cases from these retailers. We don’t want to run them dry :)

Where To Buy Lapacho USA

Order Lapacho Direct

Lapacho is the caffeine free cousin of Club-Mate. Made from the sustainably harvested bark of “Baum des Lebens” or “Tree of Life”, the tea is naturally—if not a bit surprisingly—invigorating and mentally refreshing. Like Club-Mate, Lapacho comes from Loscher Brewery in Münchsteinach.

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