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Announcing the Winner of our June Giveaway…

Out of over 350 entries across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the winner of a 12-bottle case of Club Mate is…

@girlghost! Congratulations!

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Thanks to all who participated in our giveaway for a case of Club Mate — make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear updates on the next one!

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Did You Win Our April Giveaway?

Out of over 290 entries across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the winner of a 12-bottle case of Club Mate is…

Davis Galvin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Congratulations!

(Contact us over DM to claim your prize!)

Thanks to all who participated in our giveaway for a case of Club Mate — make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear updates on the next one!

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Club Mate Crate

And the Winner is…

Out of over 400 entries across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the winner of a 12-bottle case of Club Mate is…

Jackson O’Brien from Portland, Oregon! Congratulations!

(Contact us over DM to claim your prize!)

Thanks to all who participated in our giveaway for a case of Club Mate — make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear updates on the next one! Happy Friday!

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Club-Mate is Fighting The Sleep Witch on StartupBus

This guest post from DropZone developer Alex Flores was written under the influence of Club-Mate.

Every once in a while, you get that intrusive restless feeling: “What’s next? Should I have taken that job? Do I need more excitement in my life?” Left unchecked these thoughts echo, carelessly smashing around inside your mind. When it gets to this point, I like to do something crazy like jump out of an airplane or enter the woods for a few days with nothing but an ax and a lighter.

This time when the feeling hit, I went with something a little different. I went with StartupBus, where you pitch an idea, assemble a team, and get on a bus for a cross country trip. The goal is to use the trip to turn your idea into a real company and pitch it to real investors at the bus’s final destination: Boulder Colorado Startup Week. Startup buses depart from all over the US, Canada and Mexico.

I’m actually typing this on a moving bus headed from New York to Boulder, CO, fighting the motion sickness, chugging Club-Mates in order to stave off the bony fingers of the Sleep Witch. I’ll sleep when I’m dead or we win. The journey isn’t over yet.

Each bus is given a theme. New York’s theme this year was Press and Media. When you get on the bus, you get to vote for which idea you work on, and I chose a pitch, given by Brandon, that involved creating a decentralized, peer-to-peer communication platform that resembled BitCoin’s communication model. I thought it was brilliant.

Soon after the votes were counted, I met my other two teammates, Daniel and Luke along with Brandon. Daniel was the fast-taking deal maker and idea man. Every company needs a Daniel. Luke was the passionate, self-taught dev looking to use his knowledge to make a dent in an industry that still seemed too inaccessible to the general population. Brandon was our Jony Ives, and brought a killer design aesthetic.

The app we’re creating is called DropZone. It’s a discovery platform where an individual can leverage end-to-end encryption and anonymity in order to share information with journalists. In this post-Snowden era, people are starting to see that a single person can make a difference. By coming out publicly, Snowden has inspired others to come forward. For those that wish to stay anonymous but are concerned with responsible disclosure and repercussions, we made DropZone for them.

Here at DropZone, we have hope for a future in which fear is not a barrier to the liberation of truth.

No1 Cincy


Check out #DropZoneApp on Twitter.

Club-Mate at NADA New York


Club-Mate was thrilled to be the beverage sponsor at the New Art Dealers Association (NADA) annual art fair held in New York’s Basketball City last week. Weaving through hundreds booths filled with work from emerging artists and galleries from around the world takes energy and perseverance. Luckily fair enthusiasts could celebrate their love of art knowing Club-Mate had their back to refuel while booth hopping.

Here we break down some of our fair highlights.

At American Medium paintings by Jaakko Pallasvuo and Ann Hirsch’s paired perfectly on a light lavender backdrop and broke up the white walls enclosing the space. Wickerham & Lomax’s large print pieces delighted with carefully adhered, oversized mesh bags accessorized with charms. Seat belt style straps with printed on metal chains and stylized text framed each piece, exemplifying post-internet aesthetic at its finest.


The much talked about booth by American Medium at NADA New York

Brenna Murphy’s beautiful 3D printed sandstone sculptures, and adjoining Oculus component, weave together natural and digital elements. Plenty of popular contemporary art trends found throughout NADA were present at American Medium’s booth.

Full of loud color and intriguing narratives, Anja Salonen’s painting When the back door is the front door and the garden too, at Ltd Los Angeles stopped us dead in our tracks as a stand out among NADA’s many paintings. Sure, it includes painted fern like plants, expressive squiggles, and trippy neon pastels, but the composition and quirkiness of the piece kept us lingering before moving on to view Jennifer Chan’s Body Party, a digital print of contorted torsos laying on top of an inflatable air mattress and topped with two pillows.

Sara Ludy’s Rose at Bitforms combines both video and sculpture to create a calming, trance like atmospheric installation. The 5 minute looping video of an HD animated spherical, pearl-like orb feels like it’s dancing with a shadow, and hangs beautifully above a black velvet shadow box adorned with a snaking ribbon and white feather rose with a hand-beaded stem. Its’ ability to connect the physical to the spiritual with subtle elegance is impressive.


The Packet Bi-Weekly Booth at NADA New York, 2016

The Packet Biweekly Booth at NADA New York, 2016

Print publications were a welcome addition to the fair’s display of visual work. Packet Biweekly, founded by Christine Zhu, Nicole Reber, and Chris Nosenzo and printed in Brooklyn, showcased their extensive archive in a calculated grid. TUNICA featured work from Field Experiments and Nejc Prah, as well as back issues of TUNICA Magazine, a bi-annual international art and culture publication.

Live performance and panels rounded out NADA 2016 with a mix of discussion and comedy. Know Wave sponsored “The Event Economy”, a panel curated and moderated by Packet Biweekly’s Nicole Reber, which discussed programming in art galleries and spaces, with particular emphasis on the role and rise of performance art and poetry as a popular component to visual art shows. Panelists debated the role of programming in recent shows and events, and discussed whether or not recent performance programming has served as a supplement to visual art, or as display of a true collaboration between visual artists and performance artists.

Talk Hole brought needed comic relief with a new film titled Art Fair, complete with satellite panel located in the audience. Art Fair comedically critiqued both the art world and art fair culture, artists, gallerists, and collectors. The follow up panel featured Talk Hole founders Eric Schwartau and Steven Philips-Horst, a Hans-Ulrich Obrist of sorts, Ana Fabrega, Lena Einbinder, and Alexandra Schmidt who flawlessly and endlessly delivered VOSS water to parched panelists.

Kind of made us wonder why not swap those over aestheticized bottles of water for ice-cold Club-Mate.


Club-Mate on

“…everything about Club-Mate is surprisingly adult. Each bottle has a substantial 20 milligrams of caffeine per 150 milliliters, but low sugar and caloric content when compared to other non-diet sodas on the market. The flavor profile is in a category by itself as well, attacking the taste buds with a flavor roughly akin to a bubbly, slightly fermented, unsweetened tea.”

Read the full feature at

Club-Mate Fuels NADA

New Art Dealers Association (NADA) held its annual art fair in New York this weekend. Instead of champagne, NADA’s dealers toasted with ice-cold Club-Mate in every gallery’s booth. We like their style!

Many thanks to the NADA team for choosing Club-Mate as their beverage sponsor.

We put together a few highlights from the fair.

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Club-Mate USA x @depopmarket Closet Sale

We are sponsoring this event w/ Nylon and others on Saturday–come grip a Club-Mate at our table, and shop the closets of some fashion Djangos and Djangas.

Free #clubmate for anyone who wears a spot on #django hat. 5 gallon django hats only. Seriously, it has to look like you walked off the set of The Holy Mountain, no fedoras or any other generic wide brimmed hats.

Also, there will be puppies!

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Lapacho is the caffeine free cousin of Club-Mate. Made from the sustainably harvested bark of “Baum des Lebens” or “Tree of Life”, the tea is naturally—if not a bit surprisingly—invigorating and mentally refreshing. Like Club-Mate, Lapacho comes from Loscher Brewery in Münchsteinach.

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