Our Story begins with a vision based on quality

In the summer of 2011, my daughter and I were window shopping in Pinehurst, N.C., when I spotted a great looking belt. We went in and took a closer look, saw the $165 price tag, and thought, no way. On the 10 hour drive home, the wheels were already turning on how to build a better, more affordable belt.

Like the ones we saw, our belts would also come in a multitude of colors but would be different in three ways. JT Belts would be:

1. Twice the quality

2. Half the price

3. Made in the USA

We proceeded to design a belt that is solid and masculine, made in America with superior craftsmanship, from thick cotton, fine leather, and solid brass. A year later, Shinnecock was selling them. Then Seminole. Then Oakmont, and then… you get the idea.

Today JT Belts are sold at many of the greatest courses, clubs, colleges, and shops in the country. JT Belt Co. was asked to design and build the uniform belt for the 2013 Walker Cup team, skippered by Jim Holtgrieve. I, and the USGA, liked the idea that the belts the boys would wear to recapture the Cup at National Golf Links was manufactured just down the road, in New York City.

We encourage you to try a JT Belt. It will instantly become your favorite, “go to” belt. Even better, let us customize a belt for your club, organization, or team, and you’ll experience the same pride I do each time I wear a JT Belt.

Call us anytime; visit our gallery so you can see what we can do for your club or organization.